Grappa di Barolo

A grappa made from the pomaces of nebbiolo from the production of our Barolo, distilled in a traditional pot still.
Being aged in Slavonian oak barrels, it preserves the aromas and notes of the original vine variety. Full and velvety aromas and flavours. 



GRAPE - Nebbiolo for Barolo
POMACE - Rocche dell’Annunziata, La Morra
DISTILLATION METHOD - After the pressing, the pomace of Nebbiolo is sent to a distillery, where it is processed in traditional copper steaming cauldrons.
It preserves the aromas and flavours of the original grape
AGEING - In Slavonian oak barrels.
The grappa takes a round texture and delicate dry scents. Powerful, expansive finish
TASTING NOTES - Straw yellow colour.
Generous rich bouquet with flavours of ripe fruit. Mouth filling, lush, velvety texture
ALCOHOL - 43% by vol.
SIZE - Bottle 0.50 l 


Codice regione 004105-AFF-00003

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