Rocche Costamagna is pleased to welcome individual visitors and groups who wish to tour the historical winery, which dates back to the 18th century, taste the wines, or explore the museum and the Libri da Gustare Library.

Upon request the guided tours are available in Italian and English.

Opening hours
From Monday to Sunday: 9:00 - 18:30
Reservations are mandatory

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The historical cellar

After the fall of Napoleon and the dismantling of his army, a few officials moved to the Langhe due to is proximity to France. They were experts in the techniques of war, including the construction of fortresses, in many countries they had designed fortified buildings that used to be noble dwellings and often hosted cellars for the winemaking of the renowned vineyards in the area.

Rocche Costamagna cellar was built in the immediate years following the Congress of Vienna and the 19th century facility is still preserved.
The ground floor, where the stables used to be, houses the Enoteca (wine shop), the museum and the Libri da Gustare Library.

The old barn is now the home of the Art Suites, while the basement is dedicated to the refinement of wines as it has optimal temperatures and humidity.
The walk in the cellar shows withthick walls of brick and Langhe stones framing a rows of Slavonian oak barrels and thousands of bottles left to rest.

A panoramic view

The ‘sea’ of the Langhe, with its colours that change with the seasons, misty woods, thick fog, villages of stone and brick whose mighty towers and imposing castles peek through the shroud, is a breathtaking panorama. The vineyards are treated as secret gardens and in the background, the peaks of the Alps glitter, sprinkled with snow.

Rocche Costamagna winery offers a unique visit through this surrounding landscape, a view that sweeps over the hills, today recognized as a Unesco World Heritage Site for their beauty and for the harmony that has been established between human work and nature. A panorama of the heart!

The enoteca, the museum
and the tasting room

The enoteca, located on the groundfloor, is home to the museum. A lively cultural centre founded in 1975 by Claudia Ferraresi, painter, journalist, art critic and a Woman of Wine. It is a storied place where you can look through old and new images of the Langhe and of the centuries old history of Rocche Costamagna.
The museum hosts Claudia Ferraresi's paintings, collections of dated vintage bottles, precious and unusual antique documents, as well as collector's items.
In the Enoteca is possible to purchase all the wines of Rocche Costamagna and personalized gift boxes.

The "Libri da gustare" library

Inaugurated in 2005, the Libri da Gustare library is unique amongst the panorama of the Langhe. Within its walls there is a collection of over 3500 books dedicated to wine, gastronomy and the territory, meticulously acquired and curated over time.
The Library, which is open to the public, is part of the regional Library System. In addition to recent texts, there are rare volumes, numbered editions, limited editions, publications from organizations and associations as well as guides lining the shelves.

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