“We have learned to valorize our Nebbiolo vines, the grape variety that more than any other expresses the differences and peculiarities of the different terroirs, which can sometimes vary within a distance of just a few meters”.

Alessandro Locatelli


To Valorize native vine varieties, know the plots, rows, soils, and microclimates well. To know how to adapt techniques and operations to the real needs of the plants, respecting their natural balance and bringing the fruit to full maturation without stressing or forcing the rhythms of nature.
That is to say, to apply the utmost care and attention to limit the number of treatments in the vineyards with the long-term goal of conserving the viticultural heritage diffused in the physical and cultural landscape of the Langhe.

This is the manifesto of sustainable viticulture, constantly applied by Rocche Costamagna in the last twenty years.


“Rushing in the vineyards is a useless strategy. There is only one rule: waiting for the perfect maturation of the grapes and plan a timely harvest. This is the starting point from which great wines born”.

Alessandro Locatelli


A question of methods and time

The vineyards are carefully managed and worked with timely dedication throughout the year, to reduce the risk of plant illness and limit the need for mechanical interventions.
We employ careful thinning of the leaves, concentrating on obtaining a few high-quality, well-matured grape clusters.
The vines, for the most part, were replanted in the ‘90s, after careful analysis of the terroir and the pedological characteristics of each soil. A rational approach was taken in the preparation and choice of vines and rootstocks, whose goal was consistent high-quality production without compromise.

In order to be able to ensure the vitality of our vines for many years, we planted grass between the rows, avoiding the use of machinery that would alter the structure of the soils, impoverish the soils, and lead to surface erosion.
We have been following for many years the principles of sustainable agriculture, eliminating the practice of weeding between the rows, and the applied use of copper, sulfur, and other natural inductors of resistance.

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