“Technique, not technology: this is the secret in creating quality wine.
It's not just a matter of a set of tools, but it's about good and often innovative habits, that over time, are transformed into traditions and experience.”

Alessandro Locatelli


The strength of excellence

Rocche Costamagna prefers to make smooth and complex, rather than muscular and disruptive, wines.
This is because we want to respect the natural expression of La Morra terroir, which gives us wines with an incredible feminine charm; an elegance that expresses itself with deep flavors and aromas rather than through power, body, or alcohol content.


Rocche Costamagna chooses to work each variety and each cru differently, according to their unique qualities, to protect and enhance the natural characteristics of the vines. Each phase of work in the cellar is respectful of the work in the vineyards, as it's aimed to express the varietals and bring the spirit and uniqueness of La Morra’s different terroirs into the bottle.

“Our goal is to produce a Barolo that has the strength of a classic, capable of always telling a new story, that can last over time.”

Alessandro Locatelli


A timeless Barolo

Respecting traditions, Rocche Costamagna chooses a classic wine-making method for Barolo.
After a short and cold maceration, which enhances the fruity aromas of Nebbiolo, the process continues with a temperature-controlled fermentation, with manual délestage (rack-and-return), and finishes with a period of submerged cap fermentation.
The slowness and delicateness of this method guarantee progressive polyphenolic extraction and allows the yeasts to naturally transform the sugars into alcohol.

Ageing in wood

“Wood is never an ingredient in wine, it's just a tool that helps to enhance its complexity, through its natural evolution and maturation”.
Alessandro Locatelli

In the cellar, 2500- to 3200-liter Slavonian oak barrels and small French barriques are used.
For Barolo we only use large barrels, where the wine slowly refines for 18 months (as for Rocche dell’Annunziata) or up to 2 years for the Riserva.
The Barbera d’Alba Superiore, instead, is aged in barriques.

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